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Monday, May 17, 2010

Benefits of AmeriSciences AS10

By all rights, we should all be hungover today. Lexie, Jerry, Kirk, and I had made plans to get lunch and look at houses today (we're all in the market for new homes), and I had some errands to run before that, but when they left last night (or should I say early this morning?), I had my doubts. I'm not a drinker, and all of that sampling ("market research") last night hit me hard. We had been told that you wouldn't get a hangover from drinking when you used AS10 as your mixer, but none of us believed it. Yet all of us are fully functional today, and spent the whole afternoon looking at houses. I even ran my errands this morning. We mentioned this to one of our realtors this afternoon, and he seemed interested in finding out more about the product. So not only is AS10 good for you (it's loaded with antioxidants), it tastes great, mixes well with most types of alcohol (including red wine), and seems to reduce the likelihood of a hangover. Drinking it also benefits the environment (they plant a tree in the Amazon for every case sold). I think we have our benefits list for marketing.

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