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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Team Meeting: Developing Marketing Strategies

I love our team! Kirk, Jerry, Lexie, and I decide to have a team meeting to discuss marketing ideas and develop a game plan. We meet over dinner at our place. Lucky for me, and anyone else who joins our team, Lexie, Jerry, and Kirk all have experience in sales, and have been very successful in their sales positions. They know how to approach people about products, and feel much more comfortable doing so than I do. I mention what I've discovered about developing an internet presence, and they say they're willing to participate in any videos, etc. that we do. They suggest that they consider the internet research and marketing portion of our business to be my area to develop. They want to focus on their strength, which is direct business-to-business sales. So we're hitting this from as many angles as possible. We all agree that we should have these meetings regularly, and bring in anyone else who joins our team.

One of the businesses we want to target is bars. There is already one bar in town that has decided to use AS10, so we can use them as a reference. We decide it would be best if we could present them with potential drink recipes as well as information about the benefits of using AS10 as a mixer (information they can use to promote the drinks themselves). We create several drink recipes that we decide taste good enough to present to bars. AS10 is a surprisingly versatile mixer...it seems to mix well with everything we try!

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