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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marketing steps

I know MLM is a term that refers to the multiple levels within the company (downlines, uplines, etc), but I've recently started to believe it could also apply to the multiple levels at which a network marketer has to operate. You have to be able to promote both the products and the business opporutnity, and you have to be able to do both in many different venues. One of the really nice things in our experience so far with AmeriSciences has been the support we have received from out team. Customer service has also been very responsive. Some of the marketing strategies we've tried so far have included:
-talking to our friends about the benefits we've had from the products and what the business opportunity involves.
-Collecting resumes and connecting these people with Paul to learn more about the company.
-Conspicuously using the products in front of people while out
-Reading the newsletter in front of people
-Providing samples to friends and others who seem interested, like the man at the post office
-Meeting with people from bars about using AS10
-Providing information to our eye doctor about Tozal
-Leaving relevant comments on other people's blogs

Some people are definitely more interested than others. Part of this whole process involves sorting the people who are interested from those who are not, and focusing effort on those who are more interested. As with any product or business opportunity, there will always be some people who are not interested. Overall, though, I've been impressed that people have been as interested as they have.

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