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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our first AmeriSciences meeting

Part of the deal of considering this business opportunity was to go to a meeting. These meetings are held weekly, at least here in Houston. Jerry and his fiance, Lexie, join us. When we enter the building we are greeted by a friendly, attractive woman. We are offered a drink, which is a sample of Head Start. We are seated around a table in a conference room. I notice that many of the people in the room look professional and like they probably have money. Most of them have also been to these meetings before, including Jerry and Lexie.

We hear from three speakers. The first speaker tells us about how he used to work too many hours and it was interfering with his quality of life and relationship with his family. He talks about how he relied on caffiene to keep going (this sounds familiar), and has more energy since he started using the AmeriSciences products. He notes that he was hesitant to get involved with network marketing, since he didn't want to be that annoying guy who was constantly trying to get his friends and family to buy things from him. He tells us that he has been able to be successful without becoming "that guy." The second speaker is a former estate planner, Paul, who realized through his prior work that most people did not save enough or think about residual income until it was too late. The third speaker is the president and CEO, Barry Cosheu. He tells us about how he was a personal trainer to the stars for 10 years, but was still struggling to keep up with his expenses, and how developing this company has changed all of that.

At the meeting, they talk about many of the health problems facing Americans in today's society, and how they have developed their products to help combat some of those specific problems. They note that their emphasis is on providing high quality products, so they hold themselves to pharmaceutical-grade standards and have their products independently tested for quality. They show videos about the products and the company, some of which are available to view on their website (http://www.amerisciences.com/28180). They also mention their business model and compensation plan. The plan sounds simple enough: use the products, share your experience with using the products, provide people with samples so that they can see for themselves, sell them the product, and share with them the opportunity to earn by becoming involved with sales themselves. They emphasize that you should not focus your efforts on trying to force people to be interested in the product if they are clearly not interested.

Before we go, we get a sample of their superfruit juice AS10, and are given a week's supply of samples to try ourselves.

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