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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday meeting: AmeriSciences compensation plan

Since we both like the product, and wouldn't mind making some extra money, we decide to go the the Saturday morning meeting, where they will discuss the business and compensation plan in more detail (as opposed to the Thursday meeting, where the greater emphasis was on the products).

The meeting is in the same room as the last. Some of the people are the same as Thursday, others are new faces (to us, anyway). Paul and Barry are the primary presenters. We are again given cups of Head Start to drink during the meeting. They talk about uplines, downlines, and the different levels within the company. At the highest level, you benefit from six generations down your downline. You can choose to enter at whatever level you want, which we are told is different from other multilevel marketing companies. You are also not required to sell a certain amount to maintain your level. In other words, once you reach a certain level, you cannot be bumped back down to a lower level due to reduced productivity. One of the men there, the first one who presented on Thursday, even took two years off for personal reasons, and was able to continue collecting money from his downline's sales, and also to return at the same level at which he left. We are told that this is also unusual for an MLM company. Your personal discount on products depends on what level you are. Income is generated through both the difference between your discount and the price you sell the product at (retail) and a percentage of the sales of your downline. The higher your level, the more generations of your downline you benefit from (up to six).

Kirk and I are sufficiently interested from what we've heard in the past two meetings to set up a private meeting with Paul for Monday after work. Before we leave, Jerry gives each of us a sample of AS10 Fusion to try.

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