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Monday, April 26, 2010

Private meeting: joining AmeriSciences

Kirk and I meet Paul at his residence Monday night after work. Paul is one of the founding members, and has been very successful with AmeriSciences, so he will be a good team leader for us. Anyone who joins under us will also be in Paul's group.  Jerry, who is planning to run a subgroup in another area, is also at this meeting so that Paul can teach him how to run the meetings in the future. We all get our Head Start and start talking business.

Paul reviews the compensation plan with us again so that we have the opportunity to ask questions. We realize during this meeting that joining at the lowest level wouldn't allow us to have others join our team. So, although we had agreed before the meeting that we should go in at the lowest level possible, we decide during this meeting that going one level higher is the better choice for us. Another great benefit of this decision is that it will allow us to have more samples to pass out to our friends. Even though we can afford this level, I'm more than a little nervous about spending the money.

Paul doesn't pressure us to spend any more than we feel comfortable with, and he doesn't rush us through the process once he finds out that we are going in at a relatively low level. He goes over a three month business plan with us, part of which involves asking us what our goal is for the next three months. We say we would like to make $5000 extra a month. He suggests that we are aiming very low, but humors us and uses that number for our plan.

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