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Hi. Welcome to my blog! I originally designed this blog to share my experiences in the world of network marketing. If you look back over the posts, you'll see it has evolved over time. I explain the evolution of my blog in the post on niche widening. I decided to leave the old posts so that readers could get a sense of what I was describing in that post. I hope you enjoy my entries. Comments are always welcome, as are e-mails to theameriskeptic@gmail.com.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

AmeriSciences training

I can't say that I feel like I learned much about marketing during today's training, but I did find it motivating, and Kirk had an idea for marketing that we took steps to start implementing after the meeting. I'll share some of the more interesting points in future posts. As I suspected, they said that most people over complicate the process and spend most of their time and money in less important areas. They said you don't have to be a product expert--if you talk too much about the product, it sounds pitchy--the most effective thing to do is share your experience. Not that you shouldn't know about the product, just that you should lead with your experience, and answer questions about the product if they come. And there is so much information to know about the products, that if you try to become an expert before talking to anyone, it will be a long time before you talk to anyone!

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