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Friday, June 18, 2010

Take Your Power Back | Live Well 360

Take Your Power Back | Live Well 360

Have you ever been confused by all of the conflicting information or "advice" you encounter daily? In today's society we are both blessed and cursed with a sometimes overwhelming bounty of choices, and often conflicting information about which choice is best. The author of this article focuses on this topic, with a focus on advice relating to health and fitness. She writes in an easy to read style that evokes emotion and offers gentle advice, making it enjoyable to read. I think most people can relate to her message.

I found this article particularly relevant this afternoon, as I spent the day sorting through some of the free information on network marketing (specifically online network marketing) that I've collected, and I was feeling a bit frustrated by the conflicting advice I encountered...use PPC, DON'T use PPC, invite followers of people who are interested in your subject on twitter, don't invite any "random strangers" on twitter or you'll look desperate, etc...just when I read something that makes sense and I think I can do, I read something else that contradicts it. And of course all of this advice comes from people who are supposedly very successful. I'm sure there are many ways to be successful in network marketing, and one size doesn't fit all. The same holds true for health and wellness, which is the take-home message of this article. We all have to find our own path.

What strategies have worked best for you in your network marketing experience?


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