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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ty Tribble's Free Advice

As I mentioned in my post on Ann Sieg, Ty Tribble is another successful network marketer who offers valuable free advice. Like Ann, he has developed a system that you can purchase. His system, which was just released, is called Blogging for Prospects. Ann sent me a link to three free videos from Ty, which I found very useful. Keep reading to find out what Ty had to say, and how you can access these free videos.

Ty is an interesting and engaging speaker, and I enjoyed watching all three of his videos. If you're short on time, the video I found most helpful was his whiteboard session.

The whiteboard session video starts by following Ty's nine year-old son to get a haircut before his network marketing debut. The young Mr. Tribble then gets up to the whiteboard and briefly outlines Frank Kern's Triangle of Trust Technique. The young Mr. Tribble's presentation is followed by his father's whiteboard session.

Ty Tribble describes a technique for developing and promoting a successful blog. He shares that using this technique helped him get as much traffic to his (very successful) blog in 30 days as it had initially taken him a year of daily blogging to obtain. His advice is simple, and particularly useful for people who have difficulty figuring out what to write on their blog. Here's the basic formula, which I will describe in more detail below: post your own content and other people's content to your blog, have an opt-in form on your blog for visitors to sign up (kind of like a landing page), and post links to your blog in your twitter posts.

Your Content: Demonstrate your expertise by providing useful information to your readers for free.

Other People's Content: Post links to useful and relevant content you find online. Always link to the original poster so they get credit. Write two brief sentences describing what you liked about the piece, and what you liked about the writer. Two great sources for finding content are Alltop.com and Popurls.com. These sites list the most popular content for any given day. The fact that it's popular makes it "socially proven;" in other words, it has already proven to be popular, so people are more likely to click on links to it. Using this method to obtain information can also help you think of original content to write about.

Twitter: If you don't already have a twitter account, set one up. I set one up after watching these inspirational videos. Post links to your blog posts on your tweets to drive traffic to your blog. Remember, people are more likely to click on links to socially proven content, so make the most of that tool. Also remember that your posts should not be sales pitches, or people won't follow you or click on your links. It's important to provide useful information for free. This goes back to the Triangle of Trust.

Use Search.twitter.com to find people to follow. Search for others with similar interests and follow them. You may also want to follow their followers. When you follow someone, it draws their attention to your twitter page, and if they see something they like, they'll follow you back. People who follow you are potential prospects.

Be consistent, and don't get discouraged too quickly. I highly recommend watching Ty Tribble's videos yourself. Click here to watch!

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