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Hi. Welcome to my blog! I originally designed this blog to share my experiences in the world of network marketing. If you look back over the posts, you'll see it has evolved over time. I explain the evolution of my blog in the post on niche widening. I decided to leave the old posts so that readers could get a sense of what I was describing in that post. I hope you enjoy my entries. Comments are always welcome, as are e-mails to theameriskeptic@gmail.com.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Prospecting

We're still anxiously awaiting our door hangers. In the meantime, we're trying to spend at least some time each week "prospecting" to area businesses. This week we went to a local health food store, a small gym, a spa, and a massage place. I'd heard about the food store on the radio, and had visited one of their locations in the past. In addition to prepared foods, they offer a lot of supplements, and they have several locations. We were able to easily obtain the business card of the man in charge of purchasing, and Kirk sent him a quick e-mail asking to get together to discuss our products. We received a prompt response requesting that we follow up next week when he is back in town.

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