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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gaining Exposure

Last night we were vendors at the Grand Opening to the new organic bar Sugar Cane. A couple of weeks ago, Lexie was on her way to meet Kirk at a trendy local bar to show them AS10, and she stopped into Sugar Cane thinking it was a health food store. Long story short, they were interested in our product, and made arrangements with Lexie and Jerry to be vendors at the grand opening. Of course, Lexie and Jerry invited us to join them at the AS10 table.

There were hundreds of people at Sugar Cane, and most of them loved AS10; they loved the way it tastes (kind of like a tootsie-roll pop), that it's an easy way to get your daily fruits and vegetables, and of course that it's all natural. We were next to an organic tequila vendor, so we had the opportunity to show people how well AS10 mixes with alcohol and share our hangover-free experience (even people who love organic seem to love their alcohol!). Turns out the organic tequila vendor also has connections with a major local restaurant chain, so Kirk was able to make a connection there. We handed out tons of business cards and Newsletters, and several people provided their contact information to get more info. on the products.

The organic wine vendor, two vendors down,  was giving Kirk a hard time about our company being an MLM. She was insistent that MLM = pyramid scheme (= bad), and even the fact that about 80% of our products are sold to non-distributors would not convince her otherwise. The MLM stigma is unfortunately strong for some. Despite this, she took our card because she liked the product. She also took a card and newsletter for a friend of hers who sells health products. So maybe the MLM stigma isn't that strong after all!

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